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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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Allison Weiss - “Call Your Girlfriend” (Robyn cover) Remember When EP

Isn’t this just lovely.

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too much

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Boys in the Woods

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by Kay Barley | tumblr | official site

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I’ve been working now for almost 2 weeks at the student unions humanities department office. It’s summer, so not much happens even though there is some stuff to do. Sometimes I sit and write on my essay instead. I hope to get it done before August. It’s almost 9am, I’m on my bf’s balcony with a cup of coffee while he takes a shower. Yesterday we talked about taking a trip together in the fall. Maybe to Manchester and his old uni friends and a gaslight anthem show (or the hold steady if October is a better month that November). It’s really neat to be making little plans for the future. Seeing a poster of a band and tell someone immediately that you have this idea. If that ain’t nice I don’t know what is.

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Currently staying silent while the boyfriend is on hold for a BBC radio interview. Yesterday his research paper about the moon and sleep attracted Swedish local and national news and today he was in the Times, the Sun and UK Metro. Such a little science-lebraty he is^^

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by Ula

it’s 5.30 pm and I’m just now starting to feel normal after drinking too much last night and doing noting at all right to try and minimize the hangover…

But my bf comes home after being in Japan for 2 weeks this evening so today isn’t totally worthless after all.